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You will certainly ask why this Icelandic webshop appears so preferred by Yohanna.de . And of course this question is justified - but here is the answer: First, I must assure that Yohanna.de don't get any benefits because of this "advertising". The reason is that I  - the operator of this site - made my own very good experiences with ShopIcelandic. The deliveries were fast, the service is excellent, the order and payment appear easy and safe. Despite many orders - I'm also just a big fan! ;o) -  I never had any problems. Since the shop has at the same time an ample choice of relevant CDs  - also at the instigation of Yohanna.de :o) - I thought this is a good address for all fans of Yohanna. To the best of my knowledge I can recommend this shop and I can't do this to other shops due to lack of experience. But of course I can't give any guarantee for legal reasons. It's just an external shop...
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Björgvin Halldórsson was born on April 16th, 1951 in Hafnarfjörður and is one of, or maybe even the most popular singer in Iceland. This box was published in 2011 on the occasion of his 60th birthday by Iceland's leading music label SENA. 88 songs on four CDs illustrate in an impressive way, why Björgvin enjoys such a cult status in his native. In more than four decades, he influenced especially the development of Icelandic pop  music. He was singer in immensely popular bands like Brimkló, Bendix, HLH, Lónlí Blu Boys, Eurovision and Hjartagosarnir. His over the years steadily grown repertoire includes pop and rock music, country, ballads, gospel, and not at least Christmas music. So he is also hosts of one of the most popular events in the Icelandic Christmas season, the annual concert "Jólagestir Björgvins". And he is a big supporter of Yohanna, a special reason more to get  lots of points by Yohanna.de ;o). Common recordings, numerous common performances at live gigs and the frequently invitations to his concert "Jólagestir Björgvins" testify to the appreciation of the entertainer for his young colleague. For this purpose Yohanna said in an TV interview in 2011, that Björgvin is one of her musical idols and that he had "always supportive taken her under his wings". The DVD is therefore also a testimony of this joint work. At April 16,2011 at the Háskólabíó in Reykjavik a great birthday concert was held in compliment to the 60th anniversary of the Icelandic music legend. At the guest list stood besides Yohanna - of course as Jóhanna Guðrún -  a lot of well-known musicians like e.g. Eyjólfur Kristjánsson, Krummi, Mugison and Sigríður Thorlacius. The immensely varied concert was recorded and aired by the Icelandic broadcaster Stöð2. This really well worth seeing - and especially worth hearing TV recording is in full length and very good quality on the DVD! And this is indeed a very good reason to buy this box. For all fans of the Most Beautiful Voice of Iceland the absolute highlight is surely the wonderful duet "Eina Sem Ég Vil", dreamlike sung by Yohanna and Björgvin Halldórsson. Simply breathtaking ... :o) Another special treat for all fans - besides Yohannas great appearances in the birthday concert - is also track 12 of CD1 "Söngvarinn": It's the ravishing song "Er það ást?". It was recorded in 2011 by Yohanna and Björgvin for the album "Leiðin heim" from "Björgvin og Hjartagosarnir". The box consists of a protective cover in which the actual, like a book designed cover is placed. Besides the four CDs and the DVD (region 2) there are more than 40 pages with many details to every song (incl. lyrics), lots of photos of Björgvins many years of career and much more, of course in Icelandic.
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15. November 2016
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