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15. November 2016
the PRESS KIT "Is It True?"
Yohannas gorgeous album "BUTTERFLIES AND ELVIS" in the original ICELANDIC version as a set with the original press kit of the Icelandic broadcaster RÚV regarding Yohannas unbeatable ESC song "IS IT TRUE?" is now available in a limited quantity at ShopIcelandic !!!
From the booklet
Beautiful Silence
Say goodbye
Indian Ropetrick
Butterflies and Elvis
Funny thing is
Lose myself
I miss you
Rainbow Girl
The river is dry
Walking on water
White bicycle
13 tracks - total playing time 47:09 min
These ravishing songs are included:
"Butterflies and Elvis" is Jóhanna Guðrúns fourth or Yohanna's first (English- language) album. The recordings started in 2007. Immediately after the release in her native Iceland a year later it became the usual big success ... With this album Yohanna has proven in an impressive way, that she has grown from an exceptionally gifted child prodigy to a serious, highly accomplished and very professional singer with an indescribable voice. And not only as the interpreter of the songs, but also as co-author of six of the thirteen tracks Yohanna took a lot of her soul and her heart into the spirit of the songs. Thus, it is evident that the young Icelandic lady is besides an incomparable vocalist also a highly talented songwriter. The music fan is simply astonished, especially in regard to Yohanna's age, and wonders how her artistic way will goes on. The vocal skills and all needed qualities to become a big international star are without any doubt present. We will see but we are looking forward by now to watch her career. And yes, it is true: Yohanna is the Most Beautiful Voice of Iceland ... ;o)
The first feature of this very special offer is that it is the original release from the year 2008 for the Scandinavian, especially Icelandic market! Published before "Is It True?" became a hit ... Therefore, the two tracks "Indian Ropetrick" and "Lose Myself" are part of the CD. At the release one year later by Warner Music Sweden Yohannas ESC hit "Is It True?" was added instead this two wonderfull songs. The album was produced by the American singer-songwriter Lee Horrocks and it was published in 2008 under the label Hljóðsmiðjan (Sound Factory) of her  discoverer and former manager Maria Björk Sverrisdóttir. The CD will delivered in a valuable designed cover. A booklet with 24 pages is included. It contains lots of informations about authors, musicians, ALL lyrics and much more. You can also find a couple of gorgeous photos of the young, highly talented and handsome Icelandic singer ... And the lack of the ballad "Is It True?", will be more than made up by the second feature of this Special Edition ...
Press kit:
Audio (wav):
Audio (mp3):
Screenshot des Titelbildes
As you  see: It's an offer that a real fan just can't refuse ... :o)
Now to the second and really sensational feature of this special offer: Eurovision Song Contest 2009 :"Is it true?" - The official press kit The Icelandic broadcaster RÚV published after Yohannas well deserved victory at the "Söngvakeppni Sjónvarpsin 2009" this wonderful press kit about her and her entry for Moscow - her dreamlike ballad "Is It True?". It has been, as far as known, never commercially marketed yet, so it's a unique collector's item. The press kit introduce Yohanna and the authors of "Is It True?" in detail in three languages and includes a media DVD and Audio CD. Alone because of the beautiful designed discs it's a must for any fan. The actual booklet itself has dimensions of 15cm x 31cm with sixteen high-quality printed pages. To get an idea, please click on the pictures below …
Disk 1 is a 1-track single with the official version of Yohannas ESC hit "Is It True?" (3:03) Disk 2 is a media DVD that can be started via any Internet browser and provides all  informations for the international press. The menu of the frontpage offers the following sub-items:
Here you find the complete booklet once again as a high resolution pdf file. In addition, the English lyrics of "Is It True?" All five language versions of "Is It True?" that Yohanna has recorded. So in English, in French ("Si tu sais"), in Spanish ("Si te vas"), in Russian ("Я не сплю") and in German ("War es nur") in wav-format. also all five language versions of "Is It True?", but as high- quality mp3-files (320 Kbps) The official video to the Euro Vision Song Contest 2009 in 3 different resolutions from low-res upto HD 720p! It's simply beautiful to watch it, again and again ... :o) Links to the companies that have supported Yohanna on her successful way to Moscow.
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