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Jóhanna Guðrún tileinkar dóttur…  Article from  bleikt.is  - June 10, 2016 Translation from Icelandic   by Jürgen Rütten
from Iceland
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Jóhanna Guðrún dedicates new song to her daughter 18:55 | 10.06.2016 | NÁM & FRAMI
"This   is   a   cover   of   a   song   which   was   performed   in the   Eurovision   for   Denmark   in   1993.   It   was   Tommy Seebach   who   wrote   and   performed   the   song   and   I think   it   can   be   said   that   it's   about   a   parent   who   is putting    her    baby    to    sleep.    My    parents    lived    in Denmark   when   I   was   born   in   1990.   So   my   mother knows   the   songs   from   this   period   very   well   ",   said Jóhanna   about   the   song   in   an   interview   with   Bleikt. "That's    why    my    mom    let    me    listen    to    the    song, when I was pregnant with my daughter" Although   the   song   is   beautiful   Jóhanna   admits   that she   didn't   form   a   bond   to   it   right   away,   but   that   has changed    when    she    was    self    a    mom.    "Then    I connected   totally   different   with   the   song.   My   mom did   the   Icelandic   lyrics   for   me." Jóhanna   dedicated the    song    to    her    daughter    what    is    prodigious appropriate.   Margrét   Lilja,   the   daughter   of   Jóhanna Guðrún   and   her   fiance   David   Sigurgeirsson,   was born   last   year.   Davíð   made   the   song   with   Jóhanna, which   has   become   a   very   special   song   for   the   little family. The song can be heard below this article.
Otherwise   there   is   an   incredibly   exciting   time   ahead   for   Johanna   Gudrun,   who   will   publish another   new   song   in   the   coming   autumn.   "I   made   the   song   with   the   same   people   which whom   I   worked   at   "Mamma   þarf   að   djamma".    The   lyrics   are   also   by   Bragi   Valdimar Skúlason "   Jóhanna   didn't   want   to   reveal   too   much   of   the   song,   but   she   said   that   it   was somewhere    between    the    up-tempo    and    quiet,    so    her    fans    can    looking    forward    in anticipation.
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Yohanna & Margrét Lilja
Note:     "Mamma     þarf     að     Djamma"     is     the     most successful   song   of   2013   in   Iceland.   As   a   guest   singer of   the   cult   group   "Baggalútur"   it’s   probably   the   greatest success   for   Yohanna   in   recent   years.   The   author   Bragi Valdimar    Skúlason    was    awarded    at    the    "Íslensku tónlistarverðlaunin   2013"   as   the   "Lyricist   of   the   year   ", the   song   itself   as   the   "Song   of   the   year   2013   "   and   has become a popular party anthem in Iceland. ...: o) Indeed a reason to look forward to the autumn!
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